We Need to Talk About Women: is Society Leading Girls into a Crisis?

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Boy Meets Girl

It’s clear that boys are in crisis today. Aside from the vitriol one finds anywhere in the media around any masculine topic, figures around drop out rates, gang violence, domestic violence and fatherlessness are all indicators that the situation for boys is in a state of crisis. But it’s not as easy to pin down the ways in which girls or women are in their own state of crisis. Girls face more consequences in their major decision making in their transition into womanhood. And a career cannot be encouraged without, in part, discouraging motherhood, nor does it address the reality for most childless women.

Despite girls doing better in education, at every level, than boys and now taking on better jobs on average than boys and earning more up to their thirties when majority leave the workplace to start having children. But despite this success, rates of mental illness are skyrocketing among younger women. Mental Health America finds that women experience depression at twice the rate of men. At least men’s ailments can be laid at the feet of their failures. Women’s suffering may call into question what we classify as “success” and whether or not that always has to be tied to academic or financial gains.

So if everyone is in some state of crisis then do we really have any real crisis at all or is this just the facts of life? 100 years ago a crisis meant you were going to starve or freeze to death. But I feel we must view the issues of the day by it’s modern context. And so I feel there is an actual crisis but it simply impacts the genders in different ways. And I believe this is a crisis of masculinity. The feminine and the masculine play out their roles in the lives of both men and women and when either one is out of whack, it poses a real threat to both genders.

But that threat doesn’t necessarily manifest itself in the same ways between men and women. I think what the missing link both genders may have in common is the state of fatherlessness or the lack of adequate paternal role models. In the way that mothers have a special bond with their sons, girls require that same special bond with their fathers. However almost all boys benefit from a mother whereas the majority of girls do not benefit from a father. 1 in 4 girls grow up fatherless. That’s about 17.2 million fatherless girls. We are not having the conversation about the impact or ripple effects of such a dramatic yet silent statistic.

What 12 Rules for Life has to offer women

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When I started writing this I came at it from the position of what Jordan Peterson has to offer women. But given how many lectures, debates and conversations he’s engaged with in his evangelical-style book tour I felt the necessity to distinguish between what Jordan Peterson has to offer women  and what his book 12 rules for life has to offer women. But as I flipped through the chapters, reassessing the book to look for female specific messages or lessons, I felt myself at a loss. Not from the lack of female emphasis but from how equally valuable the message is to both boys and girls.

Rules #2: Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping – this might be a rule better emphasised for men since men are more likely to suffer in silence before going to the doctor, as opposed to women. Rule #3: Make friends with people who want the best for you – is a message of equal utility whether you’re a boy or girl. But rule #7: Do what is meaningful (not what is expedient) – this truly poses different challenges to women than the ones it poses to men. In terms of whether women desire both children and a career. Men have a bit more freedom to postpone having children till later in life which opens up more career opportunities to them.

What is meaningful at the individual level may not always match the popular consensus of what is “successful”. Equality of opportunity means battling stigma around both deviating from norms but also the pursuit of norms. Let the definition of success be described by the individual in what they find meaningful, not an academic course outline, the zeros on a paycheque or some stupid teen magazine. Pursuing what is meaningful will not only produce what is successful to you but, as Peterson always says, meaning will be what you use to offset your suffering. Snake oil salesmen sell us on the lie of happiness when the key to transcending your suffering is the pursuit of what is meaningful. That is what 12 rules for life has to offer women.

What it means to discover meaning

Communication around success is easily accessible as we all commonly presume the accumulation of commodity or asset but communicating what is meaningful is much less self evident. Because only you can define what is meaningful to you. But it’s probably something that involves some level of risk taking. You find meaning in the things that engage you. An instinctive phenomena you likely describe as your gut feeling or following your heart. Engagement that eclipse your concept of time. It likely feels like being at the right place at the right time.

Our subconscious cries out for this as we fill our days with activities of “empowerment”, “alignment”, “well-being”, “balance” or “harmony”. Whether we feel that from attending a concert, playing or watching a sport, blogging, doing yoga or other athletics. It’s the marriage between the metaphysical and the technical. It’s walking that fine line between order and chaos. It’s the process of growth and decay like that represented in the Taoist yin, shadow, and the yang, light. There is every reason to believe that in the moments one finds themselves fully engaged, they are actually fulfilling their destiny.

Delayed Gratification

In 12 rules for life Jordan Peterson makes the case that it is far more desirable to delay one’s gratification towards a target or goal. Despite the fact it runs contrary to our animalistic nature which demands immediate satisfaction. Especially when we are in a state of deprivation. But doing what is expedient is how one becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol or binge eating. Expediency is the inability to make sacrifices for the future good. The greater the sacrifice, the deeper and more profound opportunities open up for the future.

The lesson to take away being the importance towards setting goals to be able to plan a direct path correlating between now and then. This will reveal to a person which sacrifices will be necessary towards attaining such goals. One of the ways society fails girls is that today’s political correct oriented views promote education and careers for the sake of simply obtaining an education and a career. With no real discussion around the direction that will take you nor the consequences of choosing the necessary sacrifices to follow that path. This egalitarian-centric tit for tat treats women more as statistics and quotas than the sovereign individuals they are.

Problematic Education

We call it success when we allow people to go into tens of thousands of dollars in debt to study post secondary courses that have no potential of translating into an actual job let alone a career. Not to mention the post secondary courses for things that are already arguably obsolete as the rollout of automation continues to eliminate occupations. Year by year post secondary enrollment requires more and more justification.

As long as we continue to consider post-secondary education in itself necessary and the only means to success then we will only continue to incentivize aimless career students. Also risk producing people who don’t really qualify for any job. Either impossible to find opportunities in their specialization or dismissed for being overqualified for positions potential employers fear they’d simply quit the first chance they get. And no one is addressing the role motherhood plays into any of this.

There are movements to reform the education system to truly filter out things that don’t apply to the real world. And perhaps it is time we completely rethink the way education serves students and how to address what areas get priority to better ready students for the ever changing modern world. Perhaps in the form of more partnership between educators and employers with a more school-to-work based curriculum.

As someone, myself, who only completed high school, I continue to learn every single day through the revolution independent content creators provide through podcasts, youtube videos, books, blogs, etc. Perhaps the education system can help facilitate continued education in a post-graduate reality. Assuming what we truly value is education itself. But the days of cookie cutter, career-based classroom environments has served to only stifle creativity and innovation in an economy that now thrives on entrepreneurs.

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The Motherhood Gap

Entrepreneurship also happens to open opportunities for mothers who seek irregular hours and the ability to work from home. And with the vast majority of women dropping out of the workforce within their 30s to start a family, it’s pretty clear that what we are faced with is not a “gender pay” gap but a motherhood gap. And motherhood is not a “problem” to be solved by politicians. There’s no evidence to suggest that this isn’t exactly the right choice for women to make. And we need to embrace family and motherhood better. And the answer isn’t 24/7 daycare from ages 0-24.

Watch: Jordan Peterson Explain the Motherhood Gap

Could this result in less female CEOs? Fewer female top executives? Maybe, maybe not. But we need to ask ourselves how we define success as individuals, not as members of a group from which demand quotas. But if we could plan for motherhood and have more family oriented educational courses then I believe this would help women make better decisions in everything from their personal relationships to career paths they study. And if the system could find a way to enroll boys in these courses this could lead to better rates of fatherhood. Which is actually more important to girls than to boys as I earlier pointed out that everyone gets a mother but not all girls get a father.

Higher Rates of Mental Illness Among Young Women

Watch: Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff Discuss Mental Health

According to Jonathan Haidt of the heterodox academy, rates of anxiety has skyrocketed in girls born after 1995. This anxiety has lead to higher rates of depression, suicide and suicide attempts. It’s speculated by Haidt that social media like facebook may be the single largest contributing factor into this.

Back when I was in high school if you said something controversial or did something regretful it maybe circulated around the school and maybe one or two people would say something to you but that was it. Today your social interactions happen mostly online and god forbid you say or do something others don’t approve of. What you do now can be retweeted and shared with the entire world and there is no way to undo that. This has radically changed the landscape for bullying.

Cyber bullying alone can involve spreading rumours, display hurtful comments for the world to view in the form of disparaging one’s physical appearance. Also one’s religious or political views. Bullies subject victims to sexual harassment towards teens who are only beginning puberty, a time when one find themselves particularly vulnerable. And if any teen finds themselves with special needs it’s no longer a handful of idiots snickering, it’s open displays of belittling, totally exposed for viewing by anyone and everyone.

Girls are 41 percent more likely to be subjected to cyber bullying than boys at 28 percent. The type of cyber bullying girls engage in with other girls is far more sophisticated than the way boys engage with other boys. I know when I was a boy it was more about threats of violence or situations would lead to actual physical altercations. But no one wanted to get into a fight with a girl. Girls would move schools because of other girls. It was more like psychological warfare to see who could ruin the other person’s life. A former girl friend of my own turned on me and actively sought to turn all my friends against me. Luckily she was unsuccessful but it was a war that dominated 2 whole years of my high school experience. By the end of it I found myself having become a bully myself to battle against it. This was before facebook opened to the public.

Boys tend to interact more over gaming platforms so unless they’re streaming their content at least these interactions aren’t necessarily being displayed and recorded for the rest of the world to observe. At least not in the same ways as twitter, instagram or tumblr, which are more female dominated platforms. I can’t seem to find stats on exactly how many girls have attempted suicide but there is no doubting that we are seeing more Amanda Todds than ever before.

Watch: Amanda Todd’s last video upload

The Superficiality and Over Sexualization of Social Media

But aside from cyber bullying, girls are forced to observe the artificial reality that social media provides. You need only browse the app store to see how marketing is catering towards women’s insecurities to keep them insecure and to keep them paying money to cover up superficial imperfections. The only thing boys give a shit about is whether or not they have man boobs or if their dicks are too small. A pimple for a woman is worthy of a panic attack.

Only seconds of looking at these apps and you can see exactly what’s in conflict with social media’s perception of beauty. It’s not much different from a casting couch porn audition and it’s targeting girls at all age groups. Instead of idolizing figures marketing campaigns put before us, like Kim Kardashian, perhaps the best role model for girls to develop their sense of beauty and value is through the context of their fathers. The depth of that relationship may provide the security and confidence necessary to develop a media literacy to shield against the seduction of consumerism and marketing.






It’s normal to have ugly people shamed by beauty but this level of superficiality is fundamentally designed to shame every aspect of a woman’s physical appearance. This stuff isn’t even about attracting partners. Majority of guys find the majority of women attractive. And usually it’s not because of the makeup. Although the makeup doesn’t hurt. Although makeup at it’s core isn’t marketed to highlight what’s attractive about you. It’s strictly designed to highlight your flaws.

Even if such “flaws” are what make you unique and desirable in your own way, makeup is not marketed to promote positivity. There’s nothing in here about how to be a better friend or how to improve your life. Nor does it offer any insight about who you are or about your personality traits. Not that I’m bashing cosmetics but there is nothing here instructive or educational about cosmetic application or any educational basis for fashion in general. This is intellectual smut that’s training our girls to believe that the most important details about themselves are what’s skin deep.

And this isn’t even addressing magazines and other marketing that targets preteens through to young adults. Magazines like cosmopolitan can be found anywhere from department store checkouts to doctor office waiting rooms. Some of the issues are so shallowly sexual that even walmart has relocated where customers find them within stores. In this era of #peopleofwalmart, even walmart knows where to draw a line on social immorality. Most covers advertising the same thing. How to be desirable and how to have better orgasms. Meanwhile any man who reads these magazines can’t seem to figure out what men they’re actually talking about. But these magazines have been around forever. They would be less of an explanation to the sudden changes in girls mental health.

Feminism Hurts Women More than Men

Watch: BlazeTV on why not to be a feminist

When most people identify as “feminist” today I think they think of themselves as the old fashion, equality of opportunity type of feminist. Who wouldn’t be in favour of that in 2018? But the reality is despite there has never been more feminine movements than today, there are fewer and fewer positive role models for girls to look up to for guidance as they navigate an ever changing world. Virtually no one on any mainstream platform advocates for traditional values anymore. In fact traditional values are said to be patriarchal and oppressive now. And the only thing women hear about today are all the barriers holding them back, rather than all the opportunities available to encourage them. What’s worse is the fact that the bulk of this culture war is being waged by a noisy minority and it’s the consenting silence of the vast majority that give this malevolent minority authority to re-write history and provide an ideological context to how everything gets interpreted.

Feminism loves to attack men however they fail to consider all the women who have relationships with the very men they’re attacking. Which get demeaned by proxy. Not to mention that despite all the hashtags, marches and slogans purportedly in favour of women don’t prevent these same women from condemning other women like Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Margaret Thatcher, Roseanne Barr, and every other woman who is counter narrative to the feminist agenda. Feminism isn’t about women, it’s about the “correct” women. Reports found women were actually happier than men in the 1960s whereas today women’s rates of happiness has dropped below that of men.

Feminism has, arguably successfully, replaced scientific data with hashtags. One need only look to James Damore and the Google debacle. Damore wrote a memo on how to entice more women into the stem field jobs. However because he used words like “typical versus a-typical”, “neurotic”, “agreeableness” and “risk averse” in relation to “job security” he was made out to be a bro-culture, rape apologizing hitler misogynist.

It leaked to mainstream news outlets who mischaracterized Damore as if he was boasting that men had bigger brains than women. Even a random science magazine I picked up from a local Rexall featured an article on differences in the brain and mentioned the memo directly in it’s article. Rather than refer to experts these outlets were purely emotionally reacting to how the individual words in the memo. Fox news was the only mainstream outlet who refused to smear Damore’s reputation. Yes, because the world is upside down, Fox news was the only non-fake news source.

Watch: CNBC play a blatant hit piece on Damore by reporting on the Google Memo from a position emotionally reacting to the words rather than referring to expert critique

Watch: TVO discuss disparities in female representation in 2012 (I bet if TVO played this today there would be protests outside the building to have Paikin fired)

Feminists resist science because they’re afraid of truth and the truth cannot be weaponized. Feminism needs an opponent for it to justify it’s own existence. So it has adopted a marxist oriented classism called intersectionality. Where through the lens of oppressor and oppressed you are now able to break humanity down into an infinite amount of identity groups (based on disabilities, ethnicities, religions, politics, etc) and since everyone is oppressed by something you now have justification for advocacy. And given that bureaucracy is defensive in nature then all you need to do to bring selective changes to the forefront is to protest in the form of filing formal complaints and grievances and form marches and online groups and get everyone in your group to echo in the form of retweets, hashtags, etc, criminal accusations towards institutions who fail to comply with your demands.

Next thing you know you have all the mainstream media outlets calling James Damore a sexist, misogynist. Not because they care whether or not he really is, but because they themselves don’t want the backlash of facing such an accusation. Some look at this mob justice and call it progress. However you don’t get to reject truth and walk away unscathed. To invalidate the big 5 personality traits as sexist means you’re dismissing all the qualities that make up everything that women are in their own way and all the insight that comes with unlocking the qualities to help you accomplish your life goals.

The ultimate irony is that due to things like higher aversion to risk resulting in more conscientious decision making, more agreeableness resulting in conflict avoidance/resolution and it’s things like this that make women more competent than men, on average. If you disagree with that then acquaint yourself with the Darwin awards. You’ll walk away a believer that, on average, men are the less competent sex. This is why 80% of all consumer based decision making is made by women because men know who’s the boss! Just because there is a disparity doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong.

my name is josephine

Tribalism is a part of our biology. Therefore our tendencies towards tribalism is deeply built into us all. When you frame situations around victim groups and the privileged groups. Meaning people at the bottom are good and people at the top are bad. It may not be self evident what’s so harmful with this notion but what it’s essentially saying is that life itself is a 0 sum game. That’s what they’re really saying when referencing to systematic racism. This encourages a tribalistic response which only dehumanizes individuals and divides society at every level from workplace relationships, friendships down to families and spouses. There are no checks in place to view things scientifically when your team is calling you to action. Feminism creates this positive feedback loop of negativity and relies on manufactured outrage to bring out the worst in you. A recruiting tactic to rally members not so different than ISIS calls to action.

As much as feminism claims to speak for all women, it’s really more like educated women advocating for other educated women. Demanding government paid all day child care is only advocating for parental disengagement. As if motherhood pride looks like children calling their nannies “mommy”. Let’s not innovate ways to bring the economy to women, let’s demand conformity to sculpt the kind of women we want. You know, in the name of diversity and inclusion and equity.

But it not only refuses to hold a more meaningful conversation on a woman’s role as a mother, it refuses to hold meaningful conversations about the challenges women face when seeking to begin a family. An educated woman tends to have kids roughly in their 30s. 4/10 children are born from single mothers. The mothers of 2/3s of those kids are mothers under 30 years old. But the most significant conversation it’s avoiding is the fact that the majority of single mothers live in poverty.

According to singlemotherguide.com (US stats), about 12 million single parent families with children under the age of 18, more than 80% were headed by single mothers. 4/10 children are born to single women and 2/3s of those kids are born to mothers under the age of 30. Among 11,667 single parent families 81.4% are headed by single mothers. 35.6% were poor. 27.5% were jobless all year long with 22.4% receive unemployment benefits. 31.6% were food insecure with 13% on some variation of food assistance like a food bank. 50% never married. 29% are divorced where 21% are either separated or widowed. The median income for single mothers is $35,400 whereas the median income for married couples is $85,300.

Frankly it’s the Church and local communities and families who are the primary supports for these women. And also some of the primary targets of feminism in the name of fighting oppression. And in attacking these support systems, they launch a direct assault on the women who rely on them. As long as they propagandize emotions and replace data with hashtags as the evidence in their arguments, they will only feed toxic tribalism and hurt women in the process. If you want to identify as feminist, regardless your views, you have to accept that people like Hannah Gadsby is the spokesperson you are electing to speak on your behalf.

Watch: Hannah Gadsby explain what her definition of a “good man” is.

Christina Hoff Sommers, Cassie Jaye, Camille Paglia, Janice Fiamengo, Karen Straughan, Brittany Pettibone, Lauren Chen, Lauren Debellis, Rachel Fulton Brown, Melanie Phillips, Germaine Greer, Heather MacDonald, Mona Charen, Christie Blatchford, Judith Sheindlin, Josephine Mathias, Ronda Rousey, Lauren Southern, Lana Del Rey, Blaire White, Diana Davison, Georgia Free, PO the Person, Barbara Kay, Katie Hopkins, Sydney Watson, Blonde in the belly of the beast, and others are speaking about the potential harm feminism is doing to girls and society. These women should be celebrated for doing their part to speak out against this toxic, divisive ideology.

Watch: Jordan Peterson Debunk White Privilege

We all want equality of opportunities. But this equality oriented feminism is  overshadowed by this new trend of intersectionality and identity politics. It’s also in bed with the post-modernists and neo-marxists. Feminism today operates more as a religion and mobs anyone who commits blasphemy. It truly highlights the dangers of smart people being seduced by dangerous ideologies. We are at a point now where feminists cook up so much false, propagandized data that you literally cannot trust any statistics they espouse.

feminism 1

feminism 2

feminism 3

If you disagree with this notion, I’d bet you don’t realize what’s going on in society today. but thankfully there is a thriving counter culture that is becoming more vocal day by day. But you wouldn’t know it if all you pay attention to are the mainstream outlets. This year’s women’s march has been cancelled because it’s “too white”. There is no place for you, white women. All you white women who claim to want good things for others, you just need to shut the fuck up. Because nothing is better than you. That’s what YOUR feminism is saying about YOU. But I’m sure none of this has anything to do with the fact the first women’s march was founded by anti-semites. 

Watch: Louise Mazanti PhD discuss moving on from #metoo

As the modern feminists say: the opposite of feminist is misogynist so you’re either with us or against us. And there could be no better example of this than how Cassie Jaye was treated by the mainstream media for creating her documentary, “the red pill“. Or that of what’s happening to Megan Murphy. She takes the controversial stance that trans women (male to female) are not biological women. Therefore she does not want to share women only spaces like women only gyms with trans women. Some of these women are victims of domestic violence or rape by men so it’s easy to understand why this would cause a conflict. And, to me, proves that “inclusiveness” does not mean everyone gets their own space, it means you are obligated to submit your space to everyone else. Why can’t we have women only gyms? The fact that they wage war against this proves there will be no rest until every single institution and corporation has submitted everything to the communist initiatives of these regressive progressives.

But the gender feminists have been condemning her and platforms like twitter is enabling their campaign of hate by responding to a report by banning murphy. They even have a name for women like Murphy. Murphy is deemed a “terf” (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist). She has officially been deplatformed and dehumanized by this new allocation as radical. Feminism with all its many faces today is nothing more than an ouroboros as it is doomed to devour itself.

You either have empathy or you don’t. There is no picking and choosing who you have empathy for. You’re either empathetic or you’re not. Empathy is not a trait that prioritizes any kind of hierarchical order. So if you claim to advocate for the disenfranchised and yet end up condemning people who advocate for the disenfranchised then it’s clear to me your initiatives are not based in compassion as you claim. Your initiatives are more likely based in resentment. And this is where instead of attempting to correlate this to the many examples of genocide in the 20th century, I will simply tell you to read the Gulag Archipelago.

Watch: Jess Butcher, TEDxAstonU: Is Modern Feminism Starting to Undermine Itself? 

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What Jordan Peterson Has to Offer Women

Watch: Jordan Peterson lecture on motherhood and career

And so I come back to my original musing, what does Jordan Peterson has to offer women? Well his message, to me, is received like very fatherly advice. Many people have not had the pleasure of receiving fatherly advice to guide them through life. And so I believe it’s Peterson’s fatherly role modeling that is actually more meaningful to women than it is to men. Peterson often discusses how hierarchical ordering is built into our biology. He also frequently highlights the subtle differences that define the sexes through the big 5 personality traits.

Society sings songs and cracks jokes about women being gold diggers. However Peterson responds to this by asking why any woman would desire a pathetic man-child? Peterson points out something that should be common sense to us all but because of things like feminism it’s become controversial to openly discuss. Women select men that are of equal or greater status to themselves. Which only makes finding a suitable partner harder the more successful a woman becomes. Not that men are settlers, men just don’t put such emphasis on status. This is why the boss, secretary dynamic is such a common kink. The woman looks up to her boss while displaying to the boss an ability to fulfill his needs.

Petersons self authoring program allows you to learn about where you land within the big 5 personality traits. Peterson, in this context, often discusses how to overcome self-defeating behaviours. And identifying other bad habits holding you back. There is no greater advantage in setting goals then truly understanding who you are. This information helps you better understand yourself. What’s powerful about this for people and for women in particular, is that Peterson does a good job at communicating with a paternal flare the value in each one of these traits. He’s battling the stigma attached to the things that make the sexes similar but also the things that separate us.

Watch: Dr. Oz hosts Jordan Peterson in sharing quiz to help you accomplish your goals

Most women would take offense to being called neurotic. Mainly because it’s often used as an insult. But Peterson highlights that we rely on people in society who are sensitive to risk to keep dangerous new changes in check, however necessary the changes may be. Peterson’s message is a case for the sovereignty of the individual. Speak for yourself and only yourself, do not let any group dictate how you ought to live or try to speak for you. We all have strengths and weaknesses and there’s a reason why we tend to admire those who overcome their weaknesses. We’re not celebrating the weakness itself, we are rather admiring one’s triumph over it. Tragedy is the fact of life and there is nothing more real than pain.

Men and Women, regardless what they believe, are in this struggle together. And we need to step up and address exactly how we are getting masculinity wrong. And perhaps Jordan Peterson is providing us with a new cultural conversation to figure out what exactly we’ve all gotten so wrong. And perhaps through that discussion will emerge a new found respect for both sexes. And perhaps we can end this feuding with a warm embrace and renewed appreciation for each other.

Let girls benefit from their fathers in the ways boys get to benefit from their mothers. Let fathers advocate for risk taking and the call to adventure, to take part in the greater destiny of the world, that all good fathers demand of their children. Let feminine girls contrast with their masculine fathers and learn how to appreciate differences which can act in a way to support them. I think one of the ways fatherlessness manifests itself is the fact that women are more Christian than men. In church attendance, in faith, in practice and in participation. I believe this is by nature women finding it both more appealing and satisfying in building on their relationship with God the father.

My grandma made me a better man. So I believe grandpas, fathers, brothers and sons can also empower girls and women. We are at our best when we love each other. Let them embrace that masculinity in a way that celebrates their femininity. The key to better lives is through healthier relationships. And let boys and girls understand their whole selves and to take pride in the makeup of their character whether those traits be feminine or masculine. Let neither trait be discouraged if that daughter or that son finds meaning through it. Let them use what is meaningful to offset their suffering and let us all find peace in a balanced, aligned, harmonized relationship to both the light and the shadow. Let us love one another and work things out together so we can move forward together. It’s through our union together that will solve both crisis among boys and girls.

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“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”– Eleanor Roosevelt

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