Am I allowed to disagree or is that just prejudice?

Let me ask you this. The people in the picture below. Am I allowed to disagree with them? Am I allowed to politically oppose them? Or would that just be prejudice?


That is a picture of a group who participated in this years pride parade. It’s a communist group who works with the communist party of canada and other student groups and has a lot of other affiliations with groups, including the NDP government. Andrea Howrath has seen that shifting the party to a harder left stance has awarded her with official opposition. Unfortunately this means she will be openly adopting a more marxist ideology into the NDP constitution. There are several party members and special interest groups who are pushing for policy to forward a marxist agenda in the exact same way that there are special interest groups pushing to counter that in the conservative party. This isn’t about committing a genocide against an entire group of people. It’s about weeding out ideas that are designed to break down our society. That is the Marxist method of critical deconstruction. And it’s actually more dangerous than Nazism. And it NEEDS to be opposed.








I’m running on a lot of anecdotal evidence. I don’t have hard stats or numbers, I’m aware of that. But the trend is there. And if we cannot have a dialogue about ideas then we are doomed to approach whatever ugly future is ahead of us that is the end result of that game. I will be the first to admit that I voted for and supported the resolutions of a group I aligned my values with in fighting this neo-communist movement. But these are not special interest groups I actually subscribe to so I cannot say there aren’t prejudiced motivations between the lines either. So maybe it’s time I reach out to learn more. I don’t want to just be a part of another “means justify the ends” movement on the other side of the fence which could turn out to only do more harm than good all the same. So I will put my money where my mouth is and investigate this more myself. Rule #6: Set your house in perfect order. That’s what I’ll do. But with that, I also invite YOU to look a little more into these things as well. You may be surprised about what you find. I attended this conference on BillC16 (one year later). There are a hell of a lot better qualified people than me who discuss these issues that are apparently genocide for even discussing.

These issues are very complex. Despite the simplicity in the narratives you hear being reported. We live in unusual times with influencing factors that we are not fully aware of the implications they have on our lives. Because of social media we are constantly bombarded by ads and propaganda and unsavoury sentiments and images every single minute of every single day. Most of us do not watch the news. And the majority of us do not watch the news because it depresses us. I believe it depresses us because we are constantly running on overload and cannot intake anymore data because we are literally fatigued. Disaster fatigue, information fatigue, technology fatigue, outrage fatigue, call it whatever you want.

However, I think the last 10 years of technological advance has crippled our collective ability to handle reality. We undervalue our sleep and start our days half dead at best. We take on more stress without even entertaining methods of coping or managing that stress so we are prone to creating positive feedback loops which make the stress impact us greater. We simply do not exist unless we exist through some form of digital avatar online. Whether it be our instagram account, our twitter, our snapchat or facebook. The only part of us we are willing to show the world is our “BEST” self. And we do it for the likes, the retweets, the upvotes, the follows, the praise in the comment section. Courtship has been reduced to swiping right or left and an orgasm is today’s handshake. Is that what this grand sexual liberation movement intended? And we’re not afraid to hide behind the hundreds of filters available to highlight our superficial attributes. And the world becomes smaller and smaller as we become further and further detached from the real us outside in the real world, sitting by our lonesome, on a little phone that means more to us than the world itself.

people walking while using their gadgets
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We don’t even discuss what impact all of this has on us. But if you look at other addictions you start to see a similarity in symptoms. To be addicted to porn is to chase a greater high. Alcohol addiction is chasing a greater high. Drug addiction is chasing a greater high. Addiction is a psychological and physical inability to stop consuming a chemical, drug, activity, or substance, even though it is causing psychological and physical harm (as per the

The story of Icarus comes to mind. Banished to the centre of a labyrinth by their king, his father Daedalus applies his skill as an inventor to build wings out of wax so that they can escape, but showing his bravado, Icarus takes off with the wings. However, when he flies too close to the sun, the wings melt and he crashes to his death. Can Icarus be a symbol of addiction itself? Are we Icarus? It makes me think of that story about that guy, Richard Russell, who stole that fighter jet, do you remember that story? Po The Person Youtube channel.

I rewatch this video from time to time and everytime I watch it or think about it I actually start to cry. There’s just something so intensely tragic about it to me. And yet something so deeply, deeply true to it. Symbolically true, metaphorically true, literally true. The guy steals a fucking jet fighter. Some Joe-six-pack nobody infiltrated the US Army and #becausevideogames was able to fly that plane into the sky and even perform stunts with it. He did it so he could feel something that was missing in his heart. I think he became so detached from life, the world, from spirituality itself that he accomplished the near impossible just to be able feel alive. How dead do you have to be to become that desperate to NEED to feel ANYTHING? God, it’s so sad. And I wonder if there’s a Richard Russell in all of us. If we’re all just Icarus. Chasing that greater high.

At some point we are going to need to decide which philosophy we’re going to adopt. A very much blue pill, red pill situation. There are many philosophies that contain all unique perspectives and values but I truly believe that big ugly thing awaiting will be a distillation to two simple tribes. Let’s call them the Right Tribe and the Left Tribe. I do believe that this movement will not allow anyone to stay out of it. If you’re not with a tribe, you’re against the tribe.

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I’m a centrist, I always have been, I don’t like this at all. I believe in free speech because I think there is a role for ALL philosophies. And I truly believe that the best way to fight “hate speech” is to utilize free speech to expose the bad ideas from within. But something has changed. What I see is a real effort to not just throw the baby out with the bathwater, but all of society along with it. And I’m participating in hopes that once this populist movement of outrage is over we can return to the centre and to not giving a shit about any politics. But my observations are leading me to believe that quite simply put, if you want to expose and fix the problems with society then you’ll find yourself in the Right Tribe.

If you’ve lost your faith in society and believe that society needs to be torn down and rebuilt from the ground up then you will find yourself in the Left Tribe. Whether you like it or not. And it runs way deeper than politics. WAY deeper than any LBGTQ issue. It’s way closer to a trans-human issue than it is a trans-gender issue and with how quickly AI is advancing, we as humans may not even have enough time to get to the bottom of it. There is a storm brewing at the spiritual level and it’s manifesting itself right now through political movements. Trump beat the algorithm. And if he goes down in history for anything, It’ll be that. Despite all the negative shit. But it’s the post trump era I’m worried about. And it has yet to truly rear it’s ugly head. So I ask you this, how solid is the foundation of your faith?

And so I’m working to lay out the ground work to prove to everyone that our society is GOOD despite its flaws and it’s WORTH saving and if we can save it and fix it, then I truly believe our children will get to see a time of peace that we can only dream of. I truly do not believe that hitting the giant red reset button will solve ANY problems. It will ONLY create more. You CANNOT transfer or exchange suffering, you can ONLY create it. As I work on my writing, as I do more thinking, more studying, more listening, I will eventually expose this all in, hopefully, a very articulate, clear way that enables everyone to stand together in solidarity for our future together.


“Freedom of speech does not protect you from the consequences of saying stupid shit.”

― Jim C. Hines

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